Heinen & Hopman Engineering BV

Founded in 1965, Heinen & Hopman Engineering is a world leader in air-conditioning, mechanical ventilation, central heating and sanitary systems. As an innovator in the design, engineering and installation of systems for buildings and vessels, we offer you the most comprehensive customised solutions available today.
Being active in a wide range of applications - from offshore to yachting, commercial vessels to the navy - gives us across the board expertise that can be applied to each segment. Installing a system on an offshore facility requires knowledge of how the specific process works – you cannot use a commercial vessel system. The comfort and spatial considerations when fitting airco to a superyacht are very different to a frigate. Making the most of our cross-segment synergies, progress in one area is swiftly incorporated into others.
Heinen & Hopman provides exceptional reliability. Our broad expertise and economies of scale in design, construction and purchasing means that we can serve you as a genuine one-stop shop. And our 24/7 global support service is quick and reliable wherever you may find yourself. Headquartered in Holland, Heinen & Hopman employs over 180 skilled people and has subsidiaries around the world. Technical knowledge, local know-how and an ability to adapt make our staff true problem-solving professionals.

Heinen & Hopman Engineering BV
P.O. Box 9
3750 GA Bunschoten
The Netherlands

T:  +31 (0)33 29 92 500
F:  +31 (0)33 29 92 599

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