Conoship: the designer and matchmaker for the international maritime industry
Ever since the early 1950’s Conoship International provides design, engineering and consultancy services for the maritime industry. Conoship designs are renown throughout the world. Each design is customized based on client’s demand in order to achieve an optimum technical and economical solution, enabled by the most innovative ship design tools and shipbuilding techniques.
Our wide range of services for shipyards, shipowners and shipbrokers include:
-       Conceptual design
-       Basic ship design
-       Class approval design
-       Feasibility studies
-       Project management
-       Marketing studies
-       Construction engineering
-       Conversion engineering
-       Shipyard development
-       Consultancy services
Furthermore, Conoship acts as a match maker finding unique shipyards for unique shipowners and vice versa, bringing owners and yards together. We are able to carry out and to support projects from feasibility studies until delivery of the vessel.

A.A. van der Bles
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The Netherlands

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