Brabant mobiel bv

Brabant Mobiel’s core specialties include blasting and coating industrial installations, storage tanks, chemical factories and refineries, operational or not, and jobs for the shipbuilding industry.
We often work in sectors with high safety and quality demands. Strict safety is especially important in preserving units with ongoing production processes. We are well-acquainted with this sort of assignment and are aware of and use only the latest insights: always in close consultation with you, of course.
By combining the large capacity and flexibility of the Brabant Groep’s various subsidiaries, we can handle large capacities and volume with short throughput times. As a customer, you have a single contact person.
Our operational staff guarantee professional supervision, remain in close contact with supervisors on site and are in constant contact with our management throughout the project.

Brabant Mobiel BV
P.O. Box 612
4900 AP Oosterhout
The Netherlands
T: +31 (0)162 42 81 60
F: +31 (0)162 42 64 78
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