Alfa Laval

Alfa Laval is a leading supplier of high-quality marine and diesel equipment. Serving shipyards and ship operators, as well as diesel power plant builders and owners, we provide support that begins at the drawing board and continues throughout the product life cycle.
Alfa Laval offers a wide range of products. Our systems, equipment and services can be divided into the following main categories: environmental protection, tank cleaning, oil treatment, cooling and heating, desalination, and peace of mind.
Our organization has an immense experience of working in the shipping and power industry, which makes us valuable speaking partners since we fully understand the challenges you face. Our worldwide service network, global spare parts distribution capability and extensive customer training facilities are there to serve you. This way, we reduce your life-cycle costs and keep your systems up and running at all times – wherever you may be in the world.
Our constant goal is to increase the efficiency and reliability of our solutions. In addition, we seek new solutions that reflect our environmental focus.

Alfa Laval
Baarschot 2
4817 ZZ Breda
The Netherlands

T:  +31 (0)76 57 91 200
F:  +31 (0)76 57 91 211

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